At the Starting Line

Entering junior year at college, things start to get serious. Your GE classes are done, and (hopefully) you’ve fulfilled most of your language/math/science requirements. This is the year you start figuring out a more defined career path that you intend to travel down. You want to pick classes and join clubs that will truly further your education and help you gain experience in your field of study. For me, that means being a part of clubs that have a PR team, relate to my interests in a professional setting, and will improve my resume. I have many interests in the field of communications and I look forward to honing in on my own creative, social and organizational skills to make this year the grand start of my future in the PR field. Through this blog, you can follow me on my journey from PR newbie to an Americano-sipping PR pre-professional, with many successful events, networking, trips,  products and more under my belt. I will share with you what I learn from my guru professors here at BU and the trials, errors and grand successes that we as students achieve in our clubs on campus. I will also be posting tips and tricks, as well as some assignments, presentations, and projects.

First let me share with you the extra  that I (and you) should join if you have an interest in PR/Fashion/Marketing/Communications Studies:

         On your mark;


I am very excited to be a part of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus. Her Campus is featured at over 230 college campuses in 7 countries and is ranked as the #1 community in the world for college women, specifically, the “collegiette”.

col•le•giette [kuh-lee-jet] noun

a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.

I was selected to be on the PR team and promote on our Facebook and Twitter accounts about articles written by our journalists, internship opportunities and events. I will keep a record of the specific tweets/information that I post every Thursday, but for now give them a follow!

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PRSSA is the most professional club I joined at BU. Currently, PRSSA has over 11,000 members in over 300 chapters in 3 different countries. I joined this club mainly to build my professional portfolio, trust me PR majors, PRSSA is a definite plus to have on your resume because employers can see that you are serious about your career goals. Not only that, but becoming a member of PRSSA gives you access to intensive study practices in the education of PR, internship opportunities, leadership programs and the chance to broaden your network and launch your career options. I have applied to be a part of both the PR Unleashed Committee and PR Advanced Conference Committee, but we will see what happens.

Unknown-4  Unknown-5   BU_PRSSA_Logo_reasonably_small


          Get set…


Established in 2004, Boston University Fashion and Retail Association or FAB (Fashion at BU) is designed for students interested in careers in the fashion industry. Fab brings in guest speakers who work in all branches of the industry, presents a semi-annual Fashion Show, holds social and networking events to meet CEO’s, designers, publicists, editors, and other professionals, leading up to the exclusive trip to New York City. Fashion is something that has always piqued my interest and I look forward to promoting products that I use every day. We just had our first meeting and I have not been assigned a position yet, but I’ll keep you posted.




The Buzz is Boston University’s Lifestyle Magazine. The entire magazine is written and designed by students for students. The finished product that is released four times a year is very impressive, plus their online catalog is updated daily to keep current, and they recently launched a weekly video series. We are still in the first week of meetings and assigning positions, but besides PR, I think I might actually want to write for the magazine, we’ll see!

Unknown-7Unknown-8       1502544_10152067900921163_418006302_n



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